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After a long wait, DSL 2.5 is now finished!

Read the included TXT before installing.

Full DL:;down=594
Extract it, and play it as a standalone game. Make sure to run your game in compatibility mode

New to 2.5:
- New teeth styles
- Redone collision meshes for the Dreadnought and Minion Disc
- 30cm extenders
- Belted Etek motors
- Belted Piglet motors
- Beta hammers, and Judge gavels
- x2 and x3 length beaters
- Some of the colored beaters now have a proper skin
- Slow pneumatic bursts with more retract torque
- Legal variants of the hworf blade, judge gavel, and beta hammer
- Overvolted motors
- Weapon rebalance with the new overvolted system in mind
- Skinned hammers/SirK weapons are included as cb2
- A few other small fixes/changes (the colored beaters are now a proper shade of black)

Do note that you'll have to re-install the 2.5 patch if you download any AI packs.

A few things to keep in mind:
There are no set weapon limits, and I expect they they will naturally change as time goes one, but I highly recommend at the very least making note of the following changes:
- Only one axe/hammer weapon per bot, banned on all other bot types
- Max weapon weight limit of 80ks instead of 100kgs
- DSL blades no longer deal damage in exchange for increased HP, and the bar ends have been buffed to large tooth stats. Treat them as such
- Consider limiting motor voltage for certain bot types/designs if stability a concern
- Extended beaters should be fairly obvious on how they fit into weapon limits (even for this community)

Everything else should be fairly common sense, but you're obviously free to do whatever you want

We did do a small private beta test for 2.5, but be on the look out for any potential errors/bugs (Thanks to everyone who helped). There are a few known issues currently like tread motors not having a proper skin, but treads are a lost cause at this point so. Things like weapon stats might also change in  future update as we are unsure yet what the effects of overvolting will be/how weapon limits will change in response to it.

On another tangent, please stop including the entire components folder with your AI packs. It's just asking for compatibility issues, people downgrading their installs, and in general just makes the files exponentially larger than they have to be.(edited)

Btw download the 7/2 patch if you have an older install. The full install is currently up to date

For those who still care about the ai replicas, patch 7.3 is out, and it fixes the reps

How come, when I try to use a bot, they are dead?


--- Quote from: Robotfan99 on August 10, 2021, 06:02:24 PM ---How come, when I try to use a bot, they are dead?

--- End quote ---
Post a pic of the bot you're trying to drive


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