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It's all of them.


--- Quote from: Robotfan99 on August 11, 2021, 07:36:01 AM ---It's all of them.

--- End quote ---
You either didn't install the the game correctly or you're trying to install another mod over DSL that breaks the game

No, only the bots, that I add, are immobilized, but not the rookie ones.

I'm not sure what happened but I once did a flextop tournament and my and i and i think other bots had their controls reversed since we all fell pretty quickly, and then I did a compressor arena all of the AI's wouldn't run and after some time, my game would crash, haven't tried to forfeit yet. (note. I was using a middleweight and was fighting against the middleweights of north polers, team hex and blackstorm)

I am having one issue with this, when I go to load it, The game pops up in my tray, I heard the audio, but the screen remains whatever was on my PC before, I cant see the game at all.


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