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The VaporZone by 090901

Insanity Arena by apanx

Replica Wars 2 Arena by Badnik96

Realistic Arena by Classicus

All or Nothing 2 Arena by Clickbeetle and/or Firebeetle (Direct Download)

Battlebox 3.0 by (?) and updated by Clickbeetle

BBEANS Arena by Clickbeetle

BBEANS Arena V2 by Clickbeetle

Containment Cube by Clickbeetle

Electric Arena 2 by Clickbeetle

Epic Showdown Arena by Clickbeetle (Direct Download)

Infinity Arena by Clickbeetle and/or Firebeetle (Direct Download)

Keznorg IGC by Clickbeetle

Low Lag Arena by Clickbeetle and/or Firebeetle (Direct Download)

Seizure Arena by Clickbeetle (Direct Download)

Clawtop V2 by DuckRA2

The Bahamas by Dummy

The Think Tank by Dummy

Combat Arena V5 drag race test by DuckRA2

The Practice Arena by eVo.x

Geosphere Battle Arena by Firebeetle (Direct Download)

Small Arena by Firebeetle

Robitica's Fight to the Finish Arena by goose

A RA-Reborn Arena 1.5 by HX_

Action Box by I Like Tacos

The Compactor Arena by I Like Tacos

Octagon (revised) by klichka

Megaman: RA2 Edition Arena by Lightning S.

RA2T#2 Arena by Lu-Tze

Hanger, Magnetron, and High Dive Arenas by Madiaba (Direct Download)

Musicbox Arena by Madiaba (Direct Download)

RAW 2 Arena by Madiaba and Sage

Red Zone Arena by RedlineM203

RoboCube by RoboBowler (Direct Download)
-Reskin of Clickbeetle's Containment Cube

RFSHQT1 Arena by RFS

RAW Arena by Sage

Ring Arena by Serge

NERC Arena by SKBT

The Trauma Pit by Streetlamp

Black Hole Space Station by Trovaner

Online Arena by Trovaner

Lu-Tze RA2 Tourney Arena - Antweight Version by WhamettNuht

"NORMIES vs FREAKS" arena by Venko

AU Challenge Arena by ?

AU Onslaught Arena 2.2 by ?

Combat Arena Edit by ? (Direct Download)


Skin Packs/Reskins

Ghetto Skin Pack by 090901
-A stock skin pack adding a variety of different colors to extenders, weapons, and motors

Plow of Peace by 090901 (Direct Download)
-Islamic State flag plows for Stock, yeah.

Re-Colored Slipperbottoms by Badnik96
-Re-Colored Slipperbottoms for DSL 2.2 use.

IRL Components by dragonsteincole
-New color varieties of every extender and armour plate in DSL 2.2, a must have for IRL building.

frezal's Disc Skin - 2 Pack by frezal
-New disc skins for stock

Heater Skin Pack for Ironforge by Mr. AS
-New skins for the Heater Plow in Ironforge as some users find it quite ugly.

Rotator Bar Reskins by Sage (Direct Download)
-3 new rotator bar skins for Stock

Sage's Skin Pack by Sage
-The OG stock skin pack, one of the most widely used and have a variety of skins, a must have.

The Skin Store by Sage (Direct Download)
-Basically all the skins Sage didn't include with his Skin Pack

Texture Packs

ACAMS Textures by ACAMS

ARC Decals by ARC

AU Decal Pack 1.0 by AU

Badink96's Bot Skin Pack by Badnik96

be0t-btpack by be0t

BM Design Pack by BM

Duck Texture Pack by DuckRA2

ESD Decals 1 by ESD

GAV Decal Pack by GAV

HLM Flame Pack by HLM

JX Sponsor Decals by Jimxorb

Jonzu's Funky Textures by Jonzu95

Jonzu's, Ounce's & Mr. AS's Texture pack by Jonzu95, The Ounce, and Mr. AS

KMAN Color Pack by KMAN(?)
-Looks to be just a recolor of the smoke and flame effects

Kolour Blue by Kolour

Flag Pack by MassimoV

Flag Pack: Separatist Movements by MassimoV

Flag Pack: Extinct States by MassimoV (Direct Download)

Ultimate Sponsor Pack by MassimoV (Direct Download)
-Combines MassimoV's, Classicus's, AU's, and JX's sponsor packs into one

Reier Chassis textures a l'amour by Reier

Colorful metal chassis textures by Reier

Slider Texture Pack 1 by Slider

Slider Texture Pack 2 by Slider

NvF Texture Pack by Venko

Venko's Texture Pack by Venko

Custom Edges Pack 1 by ?

Custom Edges Pack 2 by ?

Custom Edges Pack 3 by ?

Arena Textures

Robot Wars Hillstop Skin by dezox (Direct Download)

Robot Wars Combat Arena Reskin by Juza1


DSL 2.2 Weapon Rebalance by Mr. AS

Disc Covers by Badnik96


The AI python repository by apanx


Widescreen and 4k UI Fix by Apanx

OBJ2RA2 by Apanx


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