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I would like to know what I did that warranted a 5 day (and counting) mute.

Random attacking and insulting other members for no reason, mostly, and even insulting this whole community on occasion. Also that mute was partly for a personal attack in chatterbox, where you are supposed NOT to randomly insult people.

Note that you can be harsh and constructive (see Inf or System32), but that's not what you're doing.

Go see the chatbox for more of what I think warrants your mute. Basically, I saw you as disruptive (though not destructive) to the community, and took action.

You can very much be an asshole AS LONG AS the general harshness carries a message, or tries to teach something, or just give a blunt critic that isn't just plain old hatred (See again System32 for a perfect example). Random insulting and spitting on others, including this whole community, because your ego is bruised or you want attention ? Not OK.

Also, I claimed clearly that you have been banned for these in the chatbox. Nobody seemed to mind, or thought it was unfair and that you should be unbanned. Realize what it means about your standing here ? People don't seem to miss you much.

Now you don't seem to be an idiot nor an unskilled builder, and you have built a few interesting things there. I, and a few others here I am sure, am willing to accept you back in the community, if you are willing to stop randomly verbally abusing other people for no good reason (Playground is mostly fine though) and try and be a constructive, useful member. Maybe you will earn our respect then.

Choose : Either you have no interest on building bots and you leave, or you curb down your aggressive tendencies and start being a good member. In any way, I've had enough of your past behavior (note that I haven't got anything against you personally, just what you do) and it's not going to stay. Clear ?

Your mute has now expired. Feel free to post, but know that I will be watching you.


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