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Just talk about anything about Smash.
Anyway, even thought I don't have a switch, I've played it with my friends. Although I have my own on 3Ds, which I played a lot.
Oh yeah, also my main is Kirby, and only Kirby

I have Brawl on the Wii, sunk a lot of time into it and I'm still probably mediocre :P Gonna order Ultimate tomorrow as a birthday present to myself.

This the **** of my University's Nintendo society! Every Friday evening from 8pm is always Smash bros on the big screen, 8 players, no items expect the final smash ball. Lots of fun, nearly everyone joins and if you play well, you'll pick up a few wins. I'm still not that good despite having owned Brawl and Smash 4 for the 3DS, due to me playing on a less competitive level.

As for Ultimate, I'm still unsure about investing into a switch. I what to play smash ultimate for myself, but I'm currently in doubt if it is going to be worth it to pay around £319 for a Nintendo switch and one game, and not really having much time to play on it.

My brother loves super smash bros.

Luigi best character change my mind.


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