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Robot Wars:Arenas of Destruction

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IMO, the best of all the official RW games. I also have a fun challenge, kill SirKillalot. It's easy if you use mortis, sotry somone else. ;)

I have a dl for it in my sig, as it is a dead game, like RA2. 400MB, no viruses, came straight from my disc (My 1st ever PC game, still have it. ;) )

Also, discuss any other points about the game, what you like, strength of bots, building tips ect.

I've got the PS2 version to this day, actually- still take it for a spin now and then.

Although my opinion on the reps tended to vary. Sometimes, they were reliable, and a joy to play with. Other times, I couldn't stand them.

I think Behemoth is the best bot. It easily flips people oota

Mr. AS:
I have it downloaded on my PC. But it doesn't work with my moniter. :(

The 4000c saws are insanely over powered, use with a lifting arm and Titanium or Kevlar armour (depending on your budget) for a relatively cheap way to pwn. Also the house robots AI is messed up on the Tokyo rooftop because they keep randomly attacking you, ruining the match :(.


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