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Wondered what the forum thought of this game... And couldn't find a thread. Now in open alpha with 4 different driveable bots, online play coming tomorrow I think?

Got a super arcadey feel which I'm totally down with, probably more than a building-focussed game these days. Great fun and should be awesome online!

Looks too arcadey and fantastical for my tastes. Props to the devs for offering a demo though, I wish more games did that these days.

Lack of botlab and the arcadey feel + aesthetic doesn't really appeal to me, but it's great we've got two robot combat games in development with devs who actually seem to care about their product rather than just look to make a quick buck.

Its not that bad, its just that its... Missing stuff atm
Apparently, online gonna be released today (got an email about it)

Not really our thing, closer to a Robot Combat equivalent of fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter etc rather than a robot-builder, but hell if it isn't good to have actually decent robot combat games being made.


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