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Scrap Daddy:
Discuss all things pokemon.

just restarted ruby, ill post my team later

All-time favorite:

Also, I get the feeling Scrap went with Torchick as his starter.

Scrap Daddy:
lol link me to this thread andrew cus it aint there unless your talking about the game one.

and no i chose treecko but deposited it as soon as I could hahhah

just replayin' black and white.

With my sister >.>

But my favourite pokemon is either zangoose or chandelure

Oh and my team:
Serperior Lvl 56
Krookodile Lvl 56
Altaria Lvl 54
Seismitoad Lvl 55
Chandelure Lvl 56
Sawk Lvl 55


Scourge of teh Galaxy:
My favourite Pokemon is Houndoom

My second favourite Pokemon is Audino

My third favourite Pokemon is Blaziken

My fourth favourite Pokemon is Gardevoir

They are all pretty close together on my favourites list, and there's a long break before Choroneko and Leopardas


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