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GARRY'S WARS - Administrated by Mouldy and RoboBowler. Moderated by KOS, Badnik, Ounce and Kossokai.
Based upon the idea of Robot Wars and Jonzu's Garry's Mod Robots


Welcome to Garry's Wars, the new and fun way to battle robots!

We all come on to fight our own creations. We have tournaments of different sizes and with different building rules. Addon tools so that we can create extra destructive/stylish looking machines and finally, custom maps created by members of the community to fight on! (But mainly Robo's).

The server is up all the time so robots can be made whenever. Minimal Gmod knowledge is needed to make robots but it does help. A large majority of people on the server are very good with the addons that are used so most people can help you with things.

Tournaments happen whenever (normally when there is a large group of people in the Discord VC). Friendly matches also occur extremely often. Some tournaments are more structured though, normally, replicating a similar style of tournament creation found on here (GTM).

I removed the entire old post because it's extremely outdated.

^ For all your Garry's Wars needs.

if i ever get garrys mod ill make a robot


--- Quote from: playzooki on November 02, 2014, 10:34:28 AM ---if i ever get garrys mod ill make a robot

--- End quote ---

No you won't.

No joke bots though.

this looks good!, i have Gmod and i will seriously consider entering this!

When will this happen?


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