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I was wondering in anyone either created/has created their own games. If so, post what type of game it is!

Edit: Feel free to advertise your upcoming Robot Arena 2 downloads, packs, components, etc.

I have started many games, but I've only finished one. It is MegaMan-ish, and has Vaati in it.... and Eggman.

Well I actually have what could be termed almost another version/update of DSL.  I think Trov. was going to go through it for me.

And I have also started an RA2 'Combat Version', where the whole game is dedicated to a military theme.  All of the AI are exclusively realistic Combat Vehicles.  Both Exhibition and Events would involve realistic military foes and arenas.  You'd be given a couple basic military vehicles to start, but you'd have to start honing your military vehicle building skills.  There'll be some new military components too that MadBeaver, ACAMS and I have made.  Trov. and 70HC have offered to help with this version.

I've also written a couple self-quizing vocabulary games..  I know...boring to most, but helpful to memorize vocab...

Jack Daniels:
I do not know any programming at all, but I had a successful online turn-based strategy game going for a few years.  It was really time consuming. Eventually, I just didn't have enough free time to dedicate to it.


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