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Anyway, I was thinking we should have a few game nights after it comes out.
4 of us on the PC being awesome, thoughts?

definetly, but because i don't play pc ( apart from ra2 ) i'd be happy to host an xbox one if anybody is interested ?

Gearbox recently added skill tree planners for all 4 classes to their site:

there are also a few long videos up on youtube that show plenty of new gameplay and one even has a sneak peek at the 5th class that will be added after release.


I'll be getting this game as soon as it's released, love borderlands :)

I'll actually be able to play the pc version after the 21st of october and I'll be able to host a gtm game on the xbox a few days after release.

I'll be playing on PC on the 21st of September, just pre-ordered it on steam about an hour or so ago... can't wait :)


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