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-Each member gets ONLY ONE showcase per game mod. This includes 1 Stock, 1 DSL, 1 Custom, 1 Ironforge. This to keep things simpler and cleaner. If you have an old showcase, do not recreate a new thread : reuse your old thread.

-Do not delete your showcase unless you have a very good reason for it. Clean it up if it is full of bad posting.

-Making a showcase specifically for an event or tournament is fine. These are to be used by anyone, unlike individual showcases.

-Do not post your bots in another member's showcase, you have a showcase, use it. Exceptions: communal showcases for events or tournaments and using your bots as an example.

-Post a bot in the correct showcase. If it has custom components or is both stock and DSL, post it in your custom showcase. If it is only stock, post it in stock. Etc. This for clarity.

-When posting a bot, post only light picture formats (.png and .jpg allowed, NO BMPs). No thumbnails or links to pictures, if you are going to include an image of your bot it MUST be directly accessible. Also crop your pictures (see thread,2143.0.html, thanks to Scrap). This to keep loading times to a minimum.


- Do NOT spam. You will first get you a warning, then if you do it again you will be warned or even muted. Mass spamming will  get you permanently banned. Spam includes any excessive repetition of images or characters, or anything else that is repeated and disruptive.

- Insulting, flaming or trolling is not tolerable and you will be warned or even muted for doing it. Trash talk is notably tolerated in the event of tournaments or contests, but it should not be excessive.

- Excessive amounts of off-topic will get you in trouble. Some amount of off-topic is tolerated in showcases, but most of the time when a moderator happens into a showcase and says that's enough off-topic, you should not post off-topic.

- Do NOT start or participate in flame wars. Arguing and criticism is something we encourage on showcases, but you can argue without throwing insults at other people. All people participating in a flame war will be warned and the worst offenders will be muted. If you are found to create multiple flame wars in there you will just be banned.

-Do NOT bring flame war bait from other parts of the forum, especially Playground but any other part counts. Playground shenanigans is to be kept in playground, showcases are for posting bots and comments about these bots.

- No bump whacking. Bump whacking is blaming someone just because that member has made a "bump" (a post in a thread that stopped being active since a while) and when the bump is relevant and on-topic. If the bump is irrelevant and off-topic, then it is not bump whacking. This is a minor offense, you will not get muted for it except in extreme cases.

- Bad building advice can and will get you into trouble if you do it too often, if experienced people tell you "your advice is bad" then stop posting advice. Do not post if you are unsure about your advice or cannot give decent advice ! For most people, there is a builder that is better at RA2 and giving advice than you. Let them teach the newcomers correctly instead of giving low quality advice. If I see you are a repeated offender at bad advice I will just start to delete your bad advice, no questions asked.


-If you want good, detailed advice, avoid posting too much bots at once. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a bot dump, each bot will never receive as much advice as one bot at a time. Talking from experience.

-When posting a bot, please give info that we can't guess, like weight, armor, the components that we can't see fully... unless you are into a tournament and want to hide some tings.

-For a majority of them, people with colored usernames give good building advice. It does not mean however than all non coloured users do not give good advice, just that on average colored usernames are more knowledgeable and will give higher quality advice.

-If you want to give good advice... it mostly comes from RA2 experience. If you know you have been given advice from a reliable source (like veterans and advanced users) it is in most cases true. Anyways, you should at least be a decent builder and have a few months of experience with RA2 before giving advice.

Thank you.

Changed the rules for everyone to see. Flame war rules are harsher, but there's a possible warning reduction system, akin to redemption.

Unlocking thread for discussion. Did I also mentioned that the showcase rules apply in each and every part of the showcases ?

Mr. AS:

--- Quote from: Naryar on October 23, 2010, 03:28:48 PM ---Cleaning up own showcase: You can lose 10% warning if you clean up your showcase if there is sh**posting in it.

--- End quote ---
How can anyone do that if they cant mod their showcase?

You should all be able to mod your own showcase. If you can't, ask ACAMS to fix it.


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