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Kinda in a rush rn, so I won't go into much detail about the bots rn, but I can later if anyone wants to know more.  Can also make proper splashes if wanted.

 Deep Blood: vertical bar spinner

Heatwave: horizontal crusher/clamper/biter

Legendary Idol: vertical drisc spinner

Bunny Girl: rear-hinged flipper

Discontinued Support: horizontal tribar spinner

Outrage 2: horizontal spinner thwackbot

Outrage: horizontal spinner thwackbot
I have plans to make an IRL version of this.

Ice Pick: axe

Pitstop: top-hinged flipper

Wall Smasher: hammer

Slem and Slam: hammer clusterbot

Totally a Thwackbot: rear-hinged flipper

Some of these are really messy in execution - Legendary Idol in particular stands out to me as needing a lot of tidying up on the supports - but you've got some interesting ideas here, and you're building in bulk, which is a good way to practice and hone your skills and style. Just keep building and refining your designs, and over time you'll naturally learn what looks good and what doesn't, what performs well and what doesn't. Keep at it!

While having a hard time AIing Ice Pick, I wondered what a crusher using a Beta would be like.  This led to the creation of Your Lover.
Improvements I can see being made are increasing the amount of battery power, fixing the srimech to clip through the floor less often, changing the wedgelets to non-damaging and maybe tidying the armour up in some places.

That arm looks way too thin vertically.  Give it some sort of arc and depth and it might look alright.
As said before, your extenderwork needs some improvement, although I can't really think of advice to help with that.

P.S.  If you're looking to AI a crusher, the inside the is probably our best bet as of now.  However, it stops working any time it breaks a component.

Tried cleaning things up w/ Your Lover, both aesthetically and functionally.
Still lacking battery power, had to ditch the srimech to not look OTT boxy.

Then this happened.  Now ik not to box rush spinners w/ this bot bc it doesn't react well to taking hits.


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