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I'm not very good with DSL so bear with me.

Its a...    ...clamp. Pretty wedgy and great at killing wedges.

Oh and armors Tita5

Looks pretty much okay. Few things here, though:

Long batts are FAIL. Almost always use ants. If you've got a Beta motor, you can afford to use the PCP565 something or other, the big battery in the same dropdown menu as the Longs.

Clamp down on empty space, I think, you've still got the wedge at the front. Also, DSL Bars and Small Wedge components make awesome wedges most of the time.

I can't see what the Bear Claw's doing, to be honest, I'd probably get rid of it and use something like a ramplate if it's just for keeping the bots there.

Also Mag Snappers aren't very good compared to the BSG's. Swap them around, you'll have an extra 10kg to play with.

Not bad in overall, but needs improvement. It probably would be better as a popup or a DSL HW Rampant Puppy Love ripoff.

-Mag Snappers are bad, use BSGs
-WP836Es are worse

Lol, I love the way that someone can come on the forum and built a better DSL bot than me straight away. :P

Anyway, follow everyone else's advice and welcome back! (I think? I remember reading an old showcase of yours when I was lurking)

The Ounce:
Not too bad, but yes, follow their advice. 

It appears that you still have stock components in your game, which means you didn't install the DSL patch correctly.  Use the one in Sage's signature.

I think there's a better way to attach the plows, like using a single extender or 2 flipper segments.  I know it's a clamp, but I can't see from here how the weapon works; all I can tell from here is that the razors are attached to the Mags.


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