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...I've got a lot of explaining to do, huh?

I've been inactive throughout most of 2021 for reasons mostly pertaining to my own self, to be honest. The spark in RA2 I had seemed to fade massively, especially with my hard drive killing itself, but I've still been around in some minimal sense trying to better myself. And now, almost like some corpse, I return to life out of nowhere to make some 'bots. Why? Who knows. But I'm making stuff, damnit, and I'm about to show off for a bit!

Here's Seraphim Reborn. A total upgrade to an old machine, being Seraphim, this reborn model has been heavily updated with most of the stuff I've learnt over the past years, from OBJRA2 to all manner of skinning and stuff, its an upgrade that stays faithful to the original while being just that bit better in every way.

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dootIRL (Acceptable Overkill)
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Wait, so not only have I managed to make more 'bots in 2021, I've managed to do so in a matter of days? What the hell happened to the old doot and what is going on?

This is Acceptable Overkill. A machine built similarly to Deep Six, Acceptable Overkill's weapon is a large vertical flywheel that is powered by the most powerful motor that can be fitted in a 'bot, a 72V 4-Mag. This basically means it hits like a freight train, though stability and explosive tendencies tend to be a bit of a massive problem in RA2. Still, Acceptable Overkill can self-right well enough and has enough force to punt even Super Heavyweights off into the distance.

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the lil stabilizers are cute af

For once the mods did something right