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Hey everyone, I just picked up on DSL IRL and decided to give it a shot. My first bot, Purple Nurple is a huge HS Heavyweight that uses frenzy hammers becuase why not and is powered by a perm 132. It has an all Aluminum chassis driven by two fast NPC-T64's. This robot is my entry into GTMCS2.

My second IRL bot is Mustard. Mustard is a very poorly armored and designed Cruiserweight VS but I'm really inexperienced with them so I decided to give it a try. It has an all aluminum frame with polycarbonate panels and is driven by two fast NPC-T64's. The weapon is a beater bar disk powered by a perm 132. This is my entry into the Deathmatch tournament.

Also I suck at image editing so yeah.

Good to see you making a showcase so here's my advice
Purple Nurple's wheel guards needs refining, those frenzy hammer looks flimsy so you need to make your custom bar from extenders, other than that Its actually quite unique, I like it
Mustard seems like your first attempt at a extenderbot, looks decent but it needs stronger motor supports, make those wedges hinged since there usually not effective, upgrade the weapon disc since it will be destroyed by HS, Not bad though, reminds me of Ankle Biter.
Hope to see more

Nice bots here, the first of which beat me. looking at purple nurple, I think you should try to get a 6 mag in the bot instead of a perm. Then you can mold the body to the same width of the batteries and NPC fasts. as for the bar, frenzy hammers make it look different, but you can go with a 50x250 or longer bar with large typhoon teeth.

As for mustard. like neon said you'll need better support for the weapon. Overall I'd just try to make the chassis as compact as you can, this will save you weight in which you can apply better plating. Also hinge your wedges, they'll be much more effective.

Great bots overall, interested to see how you can improve and I certainly hope to get my revenge on Purple Nurple  ;)

General tip for showcases, try not to make your bot image so small, really makes it difficult to see the details.

Definitely cool attempts at bots and splashes, excited to see how you improve. Keep at it man

Thank you so much for the feedback. I decided to work on Purple Nurple first and here's what I came up with.
 Now it is a little less wide which is better for weight saving but worse for reachability of the blade. I only used the tornadomer gearbox to keep the body skinny but I will probably change that once I attempt making a bar out of extenders. Other than that it is pretty much the same except for the polycarbonate side panels because I'm unsure on how to defend the wheels better without blowing all the weight.


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