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Description: A ready-to-go, standalone download of DSL 2.2 that includes the most commonly used add-ons.

DSL-IRL 2.4  - New/Updates
- 2.2 Crash Patch
- 'Clean' NPC Motors

V1.1 - New/Updates
- Belted TWM motors and Beltless Perms by geese
- Colored Mechavore discs and Vlad wheels by TDG
- Wheel Variety Pack, colored casters, and swarf.py by Badnik96
- Weights for certain colored parts now have their correct weights (Armor & Extender Fixes for Colored Components by Redace)
- SpinupOmni2 now works without crashing
- The default AI remakes have been updated with DSL Reborn 2.0 by Redace for a more realistic fighting experience
- Wedgelets no longer deal damage
- DSL Music has been re-added
- The Rookies have been re-added (along with their updated DSL Reborn versions)
- Replicas have been re-added to the Robot Designs folder

DSL 2.2: IRL Edition (CE v2)
- IRL Drums by Bildschirm
- Colored Beaters and Typhoons by Hoppin & Sagaris
- Colored Blades by 090901 & Bildschirm
- Disk Covers by Badnik96
- Centered Beta Points by geese
- Colored Frenzy Hammers by Badnik96
- Colored Mini Wheels by kix/geese
- Pirelli Wheels by bajur
- DSL 2.3 NPC Motors by FOTPEX
- Correct Armor Values for Steel/Ti 1-5mm
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