Action Cam & Random Arena Selector
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Description: An Action Cam is a type of camera that is completely autonomous and is activated by pressing F3 and F4 at once. This version includes an action cam that tries to give you an unobstructed view from the side of all the active bots.

The Random Arena Selector allows you to randomly select an arena from the mode that you are in (Deathmatch, Battle Royal, Team Match, Obstacle Course, King of the Hill, or Tabletop). This version is 100% compatible with all of your arenas (not just the stock ones) and it allows you to replay on the same arena if you want. Whenever you want the arena to change, you merely need to go into the arena mode select menu and switch modes. To keep all your settings, you would then switch back to the initial mode that you were in. It is also worth noting that the random arena selector will always be at the top of the list if there is at least one arena in that mode. Turning hazards on/off will have the expected results for the arena that is selected by the randomizer.

WARNING 1: This mod affects your "Arenas/" so be sure to make a backup (especially if you are using a modded version).

WARNING 2: This mod needs to be installed on all players' copies of RA2 to be used online.
Posted by: Trovaner December 26, 2013, 12:39:47 AM

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