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This is a checklist to see if a bot is DSL-S (DSL standard, also known as Standard) or not. Note that DSL-S is a general ruleset and applies to all mods, not only DSL : you may have a DSL-S bot in Stock, Ironforge, DSL, or any other mod.

Battery and Control Board Rule

Every bot that has a control board must have at least one battery, and every bot that has a battery must have a control board.

No Havok Abusing

A bot built to benefit from any havok glitch is NOT DSL standard. List of havok glitches include trinity, servo/snapper boosting, nasty pickle, rupting, piston spam, etc. Chicken drills are a notable exception, because they are fairly weak. Flails are also allowed as long as they are not obviously unrealistic.

Bot Lab Glitch Use

Ingame bot lab glitches such as snapper loading and eFFe-ing are allowed for the purpose of building only. Servo/snapper boosting is still banned.

Stacking/Overlapping Rules

Stacking (putting a component inside another) is strictly forbidden.

Overlapping (putting a component partially inside another) is allowed, within limits :

* You may not overlap anything from the Mobility/Power/Wheel tabs (wheels, motors, airtanks, batteries, pistons, control boards, etc) with any other component coming from those tabs.
* Moving components can overlap with anything in the Weapons/Extenders/Extras tabs, but only if a hole could conceivably be cut into the component without cutting the component in two, or if it could be welded to the chassis anyways.
* Moving components may NOT overlap or cut through anything from the Mobility/Power/Wheel tabs.
* Moving components may NOT overlap with each other, unless they are attached to the same motor/burst/piston or have the exact same movement relative to each other (such as two identical drums rotating in the same direction, speed and both clockwise, or two razors attached to the same burst/two bursts that have the same exact range of movement.)

Note: The frontier between stacking and overlapping is somewhat vague and depends a lot of the builder. We often use "the welding rule" to help : if two components could be conceivably welded together in real life, then you may overlap them via DSL-S)

-You may not bypass normal attachment rules, or the need for extenders. No bypassing the female/male attachments, no floating components, no invulnerable chassis components if it couldn't be done in the bot lab.

-You may use the visual mesh instead of the collision mesh as a stacking/overlapping limit. (Such as putting antweight batteries in-between the motors of a 6-mag gearbox)

-Custom armors strenghts and weights are forbidden, you may only use what the mod gives you. Using BFE for aesthetic-only changes to your chassis are allowed.

The most important thing you must remember: If it can be prototyped and built successfully in real life and if it doesn't obviously violate basic laws of physics, then it is DSL-S.

Resetti's Replicas:
I suggest adding pictures.  Anyone who doesn't already know these rules will be completely baffled by them.

Servo bots are disappoint.


--- Quote from: martymidget on October 28, 2012, 09:49:03 AM ---Servo bots are disappoint.

--- End quote ---
Servos should need power, so we need batteries even on servo bots.

Mr. AS:
what if i power 8 servos on a bot with one ant battery, is that as realistic as "2 ants per spin"?


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