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10/06/2017: Many of the links are now covered by the tutorial index and have been removed. Added a few things

I noticed both first and second-hand that quite a few pages on GTM get posted a lot in showcases or are important as reference, but are tricky to navigate to normally. This is a nice compilation of all those links in one place.

If you are new to the site, I highly recommend checking out the Tutorials and Tips index first.

Reference and Tutorials
Mythbusters: RA2 Edition by Clickbeetle
Here, Clickbeetle performs tests for RA2 myths such as bigger chassis having more HP than smaller ones.

Component HPs and Fractures by Trovaner
Stats showing how much damage components can take before breaking off, if not attached directly to the chassis.

RA2 Tutorials on RA2Wiki
A few tutorials hosted on our wiki, but they are a bit outdated so try using them alongside other references.

Bot Types on RA2Wiki
Nice list of the typical bot types seen across all mods.

RA2 Glitches on RA2Wiki
Good for reference to some lesser-known glitches such as Servo Boosting.

Quick Guide to AI'ing by Starcore
Shows how to use pre-existing bindings to easily AI your bots.

36HS Example by Sage
This HW bot type is identified by 36 maces or irons on 4 tribars, 4 HPZ weapon and 2 HPZ drive motors, and 2 black batteries. It is considered as an identifier that a builder is becoming very experienced, not to mention it does very well in battle.

BFEing DSA by Clickbeetle
Short tutorial on getting DSA onto a bot that already has a different armour selected, without having to rebuild the bot. As it involves BFE, Notepad++ is needed.

Format of the .bot File by mjpieters
Very detailed outline of what all the lines and values in a .bot file correspond to.

RA2's Python API by Trovaner
List of available .py functions for use in AI tactics, arena implementation, personal testing, etc.

Compact Chaining by tankcat
Compact Chaining Example 2 by Geice
A method of chaining motors that is more compact while achieving the same effect. The two pictures shown are just examples; any extender setup that gets the axles of the two motors more or less aligned will work. You can use this fact to modify your setup to focus on saving weight, getting more out of the rule of 7, or stability.

Batteryless Spinner Glitch by FOTEPX
A curious glitch that enables spinning motors to work (albeit with very slow acceleration) without battery power.

Full Game Downloads on GameTechMods
Includes Stock v1.4, DSL v2.1 and v2.2, Ironforge v1.1, and Robot Wars RA2.

Custom Components Downloads on GameTechMods
Custom components including SmartZones and antiballasts.

Component Freedom Mod by Serge
Something you can download to remove the limitations of the bot lab, including rule of 7. Be sure to read tournament rules on whether component freedom is allowed before you enter.

AI Essentials by Clickbeetle
A very helpful compilation of .py files needed for AI'ing bots. Though you may find many of these in AI packs, this has the "official" versions.

AI Repository by apanx
Huge collection of AI files updated from Clickbeetle's release for better flexibility. If you only require a select few and don't want your AI folder clogged up, make sure to read the code/documentation and check that out of the ones you download, their dependent files are downloaded too.

WinRAR Downloads
7-Zip Downloads
Applications for opening .rar, .zip, and other compressed files. Can also combine files into archives to be uploaded to GTM.

Source code editor needed for BFE, or bot file editing. However, do not mess with your .bot files unless you know what you're doing, and never use BFE to make unfair modifications to a bot for tournament or challenge use. Some examples of legal use of BFE are changing how shiny the chassis is or getting DSA on a bot as mentioned above.

movepixel by nightcracker, courtesy of Mr. AS
Installation Guide
Laptop Version by Sage
A great tool that makes stacking and component placement much less of a hassle, letting you move the mouse one pixel at a time.

Baseplate Grid for Blueprint by Noodle, courtesy of SKBT
Replaces the image in the background of the blueprint on the chassis editor with a grid that almost exactly matches the one used for the baseplate. While building your chassis, you can see exactly how big your chassis is going to be in terms of those little squares that appear at the bottom of every chassis. Just remember to use the right resolution.

Bot Height Ruler by Trovaner
A ruler for the chassis height editor.

AI Packs
AI Packs and Patches on GameTechMods
Includes Starcore v4, ASAI, NAR AI, 123AI, ReForged, and more.

ReStocked AI v0.1 Beta by infiniteinertia and co.
Older AI pack featuring challenging rebuilds of the Stock AI by some of the most experienced builders of Stock. Also see Sage's Robot Designs

infiniteinertia AI v0.1 Beta by infiniteinertia
Updated Bindings for infiniteinertia AI
Currently only with bots from infiniteinertia, this AI pack is still considered one of the hardest in Stock.

Ultimate Stock AI Pack by ianh05
This huge AI pack combines Starcore, infinitenertia, ReStocked, PYS, BBEANS, and Stock Mini's AW AI to make over 150 teams. Now you can fight bots from any pack without having to close the game!

These are the showcases by some of the most advanced builders in Stock and DSL, provided to you to serve as inspiration for your own bots, or simply just for displaying the potential of RA2. Be sure to check them out and see some awesome designs! It's perfectly fine to clone some of these bots for you to benefit as a builder, but if you showcase any of them, be sure to give credit to the original builder.

Beetle Bros.
Scrap Daddy
NFX (may require a bit of browsing since most of the earlier images are 404'd)
Virus Bomb

Scrap Daddy
Virus Bomb


So no mention of NAR AI, yet FOTEPX's Batteryless Spinner Glitch is here ?



--- Quote from: Naryar on June 23, 2012, 01:52:52 PM ---So no mention of NAR AI, yet FOTEPX's Batteryless Spinner Glitch is here ?

--- End quote ---
That threw me a little bit. Nar AI is the pinnacle of DSL building, and the Batteryless Spinner glitch is, it needs to be said, pretty much useless. It seems to be a list of useful links mostly related to Stock, though, with the 36HS link and Restocked and INF AI, that might be the reason Nar AI isn't in there.
This will certainly save time, though, we just need to make sure the threads don't get locked or deleted in some way.

This looks very helpful, will probably help a lot of people. :)


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