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Okay, I have a few more ideas for arenas I'd like to see:

On top of a city building (like the tourney arena, city background, and an open elevator shaft hazard pit)

Amusement park - battles in the Fun House, the Bumper cars, on the merry-go-round, etc.

Construction (destruction?) site - make it like the mars arena, but have like a half-completed building, with loose girders that can be pushed, a crane, etc.

Parking garage - we already know that bi-level arenas can be made (Space Station arena and the Obstacle Course arena), so why not do a bi-level parking garage, with ramps leading to the upper/lower levels?  Maybe a couple of cars parked here and there for flipping if you're bored ...

Airport - batttle in the main hanger (the empty arena from the Hammer of Justice/Spammolama would be a good start ..), maybe have a plane inside the hanger, some tools off to one side, refueling truck, etc.  Also maybe a battle out on the tarmac in front of the control tower.

Dockyard - Kinda like the ocean platform, whree robots could push each other off into the water and short them out.

Fireworks factory - make "exploding" stuff (like the computer in the garage), so that things break when you or your opponent run into them.  How fun would it be to topple a pile of boxes on your opponents?

Haunted house - instead of spikes reaching up from the floor, how about SPOOKS?  Spikes could be made into hands that could "grab" your robot, and loose boards that were actually spring-loaded flippers.

Street intersection - built with dual levels, so that bots could drive up onto the "sidewalk" to battle - watch out for the passing cars! (Like the rock in the cave arena).  Oh, and the sewer drain could be a death pit ....

Auto junkyard?  (I already posted this idea a while back, but it fit in with the rest of the ideas...)  Wrecked cars for the "walls", loose parts here and there, perhaps a welding rig like the one in the DSL garage.

Gas station garage floor - Hmm, hydraulic car lifts, toolboxes, welding rig, loose parts, Coke/Pepsi/candy vending machines (like the cabinets) ... Maybe a towtruck could be parked outside, and since we're "outside", what about flamethrowers on the gas nozzles?

Trucking depot receiving floor - I don't know if this would work or not, but perhaps several of the receiving doors could be open, allowing bots to drive right up inside the truck trailers, or off the edge of the loading platforms (death pits).

you know what'd be fun? a packman level, with Pac man and the ghosts running around, packman randomly moves to diff places and kills anybody to close instantly... and the ghosts will do severe damage!!

and than a arena called "booster to heaven" it is a table top with a circular shape, and on the bottom is a little heck with fire and robots are elimitated on contact to heck. some flames around the edge of the arena would be nice also :D . and the most dangerous hazard a piston-like flipper in the middle that fires robots verticaly in the air to two gigantic spinning drums crushing together and robots are ground to bits on contact.

and then the last thing i can think of is the "chamber of death" the match can go on with only one hazard, all walls are spiked and are closing in, and in 2 minuites your robots will be squashed between the razor-sharp spines pertruding from the wall. Touching any of the spikes will cause severe damage. SO FINISH UR MATCH QUICKLY!
(kinda like those spike traps u see alot in movies and video games)

I like more relistic arenas myself.  A multi level arena could be made into a cool concept but wouldnt be easy due to camera issuses.  I could design some relistic arenas if you guys wanted them.  I do 3D models but I have wings 3d and I dont think that it will work with RA.  Its a free program made by random people that are modeler for movies and games so it might.

im pretty sure RA2 only supports 3D's max

but that costs like 800 monies, so im stick'in to ol'e RA2 coordinate modeling.

On top of a city building (like the tourney arena, city background, and an open elevator shaft hazard pit) = Robot Rage Arena?


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