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pixel Art Showcase(Photoshop, PaintshopPro, Paint, ect)

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Metal Virus:
Also refered to as pixel art, it is art made on you PC using paint programs like photoshop.  I tend to make a lot of sigs for other forums I am in.  Here is some of my work.  Post yours.

Sigs made for me:

Sigs made for others:

They are all Halo 2 sigs because that is what I am best at and I sucked before them.

That 3rd one is pretty awesome. I love the border and how you did the animation on it.

Metal Virus:
I used Image Ready 7 for the animation.  I just found the boarder.  Most people don't really like the thrid one because it is too monotoned.

whered you get that Halo 2 text?

Metal Virus:
I got the Halo 2 font at  Just search for Halo.


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