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My very own house robot

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... His working name is "Jaws", and no it's not Bruce from the blockbuster Jaws from 1975 ;) This is one will be the BIGGEST, heaviest and most powerful house robot yet ever built. With imagination as my only obstacle, I will make sure that this robot won't fear anything, and have no weaknesses whatsoever, except speed.

Of course, it's in early... *sigh* let's just call it "alpha" just so you know. I am well aware of that I have started on the new Matilda from the reboot. This titan on the other hand, will be the most awesome house robot of all time.

His current dimensions are the following (from inside Blender) approximately 2.4 meters long (from front to back), 2.6 meters wide (from side to side) and finally stand at 1.7 meters tall. He will weigh more than a ton. That's for sure. Probably between five to ten tons.

His armour will be superior to anything. Extremely thick Hardox. His primary weapon will be, hence his name, a hugely powerful set of crushing, piercing and chomping jaws (possibly on an arm, like Sir Killalot or Mr. Psycho or the late Major Damage, or even Goliath. But this one will be more than twice as powerful as the strongest jaws in robotic combat). The secondary weapon will probably be a huge circular saw, specifically designed to cut through anything.

Slow progress... I'm currently sketching it in Blender to see what I can come up with. My imagination is kind of poor at the moment... but I will make this by myself. I may take inspiration from existing house robots, not sure... I may also have exaggerated with the weight of it (five to ten tonnes) which I might squeeze down to a maximum of two tonnes (metric tons, in other words 2000 kilograms).

So, here's the sketch. A very early and not so detailed one but that's not what I'm after at the moment. I'm looking for a base shape for the chassis and tracks. I'm also looking for a way to make the grease pencil "sketch" a bit more in Blender as now I think the grease pencil is a bit too thick and solid. I would want it a bit more smooth and thin.

Lastly, if anybody here knows Blender and knows how I can make sketching a bit more painless, then please don't hesitate to reply!

Is this IRL or RA2? Because if it's IRL this will cost quite a bit


--- Quote from: Team Code Red Robotics on January 25, 2019, 05:00:22 AM ---Is this IRL or RA2? Because if it's IRL this will cost quite a bit

--- End quote ---
I thought about maybe 3D printing in scale with the pullbacks that already exists, but I'm once again not sure about that either… it probably won't be for Robot Arena 2: Design & Destroy, maybe Robot Rumble 2.0. If the developer of that game is interested.

A render of the back of my currently unnamed house robot... it's workname currently is "Titan".


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