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Yankee Siege Replica Competition 2020


[cringey name goes here]:
Oh, baby.

OK, so a few fellas on Discord thought it would be funny to hold a competition centered around replicating the absolute megachad that is Yankee Siege 2. If you are unaware of what it is, end your life.

The competition will be on April 1st, and as soon as 12AM EST hits, the competition begins. You will begin building your replicas. There are no rules other than to make it as Yankee Siege-like as possible. Building ends the following day, April 2nd. Then, the tournament begins. The winner receives a blowjob from our resident poor person and infected individual, Kix Morox. In addition, the first to submit their design to me will receive what is dubbed "The Frenchiest Fry" from Mr. Toxic and the builder of Fagline 3 and Queermint, Hoppin.

This competition will be held on Discord only. Be sure to join the RA2 Central, if you haven't already, if you want to compete.

DM me on Discord if you are interested. This message will also be on there. I'll see you guys there.

Alongside the tournament, the official Yankee SiegeTM speedrun will be held. Time starts when you double click new robot, and end when you snapshot the complete bot, after you went in test bot lab to show that it drives and weapons work.
Prize will be something that will the man himself cringey hand pick.


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