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Aug 2020

Winner: Superbomb



--- Quote from: Reier on August 24, 2020, 08:11:54 PM ---poll?

--- End quote ---
It already happened

Welcome To The Rice Fields by Evil Toaster with 4 Votes
Bloodshot by DylanTRM with 0 votes
Royal Treatment by Draker with 0 votes
Hydra by Autobot Jazz with 2 votes
Garchomp by ThatDiscordGuy with 7 votes
Fallacy by Hobo Drew with 13 votes (WINNER OF BOTM FOR AUGUST 2020)
Houndoom by NickyDustyOwl with 2 votes
Green the Spinner by KDestroyer9 with 1 vote
Desert Dessert by BotBuster with 0 votes

Overall Results:

Fallacy: 13 votes
Garchomp: 7 votes
Welcome To The Rice Fields: 4 votes
Houndoom & Hydra: 2 votes
Green The Spinner:1 vote
Every other bot: 0 votes

Gotta love Draker using the exact same splash


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