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It's time to prepare for the third annual Botober event! As always, the challenge is simple: build a robot every day (or as many days as possible) for the whole of October, using the official Inktober prompts at the bottom of this post, and post them here for others to look at!

=== HOW IT WORKS ===

* Every day during October, you must create a robot based on that day's prompt, and post a splash image or screenshot in this thread.
* There are no prizes for completing all 31 days. The only prizes are personal satisfaction, and having a fleet of potential new tournament entries. This is a fun challenge, so please don't push yourself to the point of burnout in trying to complete it.
* You are free to use any game and any meta you like (RA2, RR2, Roblox, GMod, etc.), and you are free to use different games/metas for different days.
* It's fine to build a bot early, as long as you wait until the day of its prompt to post it. Similarly, it's fine to build a bot late if you need to catch up.
* I will be taking part myself, but will be going on holiday in early October and will likely miss those days.

* Test your creativity and building skills. Try out different weapon systems, weight classes, and even new games or metas. Don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone.
* Build up your roster. If you complete all 31 days, you'll have 31 robots ready to be polished up and sent into tournaments.
* Botober is a personal challenge - you're competing against the prompts and your own creative limits, not each other. Don't be discouraged if you feel other people's builds are better than your own - and remember, you can always revisit and refine your Botober creations after the challenge is over.


Not sure the prompts attached correctly but hype

[cringey name goes here]:
Fish Car

Day 1: Fish
Gyre, a 4WD Rear hing based on a shark and Lego Aqua Raiders.

Day 1
Titanium 5, It's a 4 wheel drive thanks to the tm3r's in the chassis. Very fast considering it has a great grip


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