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Official "I'm leaving" thread

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Post here if you are leaving, and if you are coming back.

DO NOT start a new topic, it will be deleted.

Comments will not be allowed.

i am leave

I hope this is the approiate place to put this.

I want to clear somthing up. As you all know. I left in September(I think) I didn't leave because you guys were being mean, just because I was getting bored of RA2 and with school starting I couldn't handle everything at the same time.

Now you've seen that I am back. I came back mainly because I was having technical difficulties, and you guys are the smartest tech people I know. I did not plan on staying, it was just a mere stop by, but I ended up staying here much longer than expected. Due to me staying here longer than expected, there has been some confusion. I've been seeing posts such as "Welcome Back!" and "Glad to see you want to improve," Well, I'll say it again, I AM NOT STAYING. There is no "back" Heck, I'll probalby being blowing out of here soon. Long story short, I am not back and I never was.

Now you MAY see me SLIGHTLY more around here, but more than likely not.
I also would like to thank you all for being so cooperative and helpful. You guys were alot nicer this time around then before.

So, I will won't be seeing you guys soon. Goodbye! (again)

If you have any questions please PM me

That Robot is a Spy!:
Going inactive for about a month probably. My horrible computer has malfunctioned and refuses to boot. Will be inactive.


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