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Firsthand, chatterbox is supposed to be just that. A place where people chat. However we have a certain number of standards on there.

-Excessive spamming is not tolerated. If your spamming becomes a problem, you will be simply warned via PM or message, and told to stop. If you continue to spam

For repeat offenders of this rule, as well as the most extreme cases of spamming, no warning will be given beforehand and you simply will be warned.

-You may not use any foul language in topic titles. This for avoiding a negative image and complaints by overly sensitive people. Warnings will be issued with increasing severity if you can't control yourself.

Flaming and insults is tolerated in Chatterbox, but don't push it too far. If you flaming/insulting other users becomes a problem, and we receive complaints due to that, you will receive a written warning.

Repeat offenders or the most extreme cases of flaming will immediately be warned, same as for spamming. This may go up to a mute if we feel your behavior has been intolerable.

-You are forbidden to post illegal material such as illegal torrents or links to copyrighted material. This will normally earn you a ban.

-You are forbidden to post sexually explicit material, or links to sexually explicit material of any nature. This will normally earn you a mute, or a ban.

-The use of racial slurs is forbidden. We do not endorse racism in there, so racial slurs are strictly prohibited.

These rules are subject to change. All other rules under Site-Wide Rules apply to chatterbox as well.


--- Quote from: Naryar on October 01, 2014, 03:36:34 PM ----The use of racial slurs is forbidden. Yes, this is a rule, ask Trovaner if you don't trust me. Most notably a certain N-word.

--- End quote ---

so i can't call jonzu norse anymore?

That's inaccurate. Jonzu will never be a viking.

Anyways I think I did not miss any rule... if you have any good ideas for additional rules i'm all ears.

edit : added the "no foul language in topic header" thing.

what if i post a song called niggaz in paris in the the rate post one cuz that was the initial reason why acams moved that thread to the chatterbox  :dumb)

you would probably get a warning, but ask trov

after all it is just a song

also no more sh**posting in this thread, it is a rules thread after all


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