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--- Quote from: Hoppin on September 05, 2018, 04:23:01 PM ---[…] you can challenge the belt holder at anytime, similar to that of the original title system, in that belt's meta with any other features being up to the challenge itself.

There will be 4 metas that you can enter. DSL-S, Stock, IF and DSL-IRL. Weightclasses will cycle each month. LW, MW, HW, SHW. Not in that order though.
You can enter as many of the different metas as you want.

--- End quote ---

Full Challenge Belt History

As you all may be aware, there has been discussions about overhauling the title system, and thus, let me introduce you to:

This will be a monthly title for the best-of-the-best contenders of the challenge board to duke it out and claim bragging rights.


* The belt holder (from the previous month) has from 1st to 7th of the month to decide the challenge belt meta of:

* Meta: Stock/DSL-S/Ironforge
* Weightclass: LW/MW/HW/SHW
* Arena: anything that comes standard in those modes that is flat with hazards offThis will be the specification for bots to be used in the belt battles. If no decision has been relayed to the organizer by 7th 23:59:59 UTC then the belt holder will be dethroned and the belt will be up for grabs, with the above choices randomised.
* Contenders have until 14 days from belt holder's meta decision date to send a bot to the organizer (1 bot per contender).
* Winner of the seeded single elimination bracket faces the current belt holder.
* Seeds are determined first by Active Challenge Board standings, then by All-time standings.
* Battles will be best-of-3, hazards off and standard havok rules apply.

* 1st of month: the organizer PMs the belt holder about decisions.
* 1st - 7th: once decision recieved or randomized choices, thread detailing parameters for this month's belt will be created
* 15th (1st + 14) - 21st (7th + 14): period for challengers to send a bot to the organizer (2 weeks)
* 15th - 21st: the organizer then sets up the bracket, with byes and seeding. The thread is updated.
* 22nd - 28th: finalise battles and see who holds the belt.
This will launch at the start of November, replacing the titles. There is no challenge belt holder, so this first month is up for grabs.

Current Holder: Bildschirm


* Plerco
* Double00Rhys
* Badger
* Pokebro
* TheOrcCorp
* Superbomb
* Billy5545
* Kix
* Nightraven Shade
* SteveM4
Recommend you post your challenge here so people keep track of it[/list]

> replacing the titles

nice really needed that perfectly fine system to be scrapped for a more restrictive and totally untested system

I'm assuming this
--- Quote from: Sage on September 30, 2017, 12:55:30 PM ---IRL fighting competitions are banned (for title fights)
--- End quote ---
applies to both systems.

I'm just asking so nobody votes according to a metagame preference and then wastes a vote.

i say do a best of both worlds system

run the challenge belt as the main belt (think the major title of WWE, the WWE Championship), and then have individual meta titles (including an IRL title to keep irl people happy, but make it so the IRL title and IRL fights have absolutely no standing in relation to the challenge belt) for all the metas which act as minor titles (like the United States/Intercontinental Championships from WWE). Keeps everybody happy but pares down the titles from about 18 down to 4 (DSL, Stock, IF, IRL).

i support the idea of the challenge belt but deleting the old titles doesn't feel right imo

either that or hand the old titles to somebody else to run seperate from the challenge belt. i wouldn't mind running them, but i know i've not been here for much time at all and so i'm not qualified enough.

Extra work for the titles is not an issue – it only takes an extra second to update the records. The poll is more of a question in terms of whether keeping/replacing the titles would be better/worse for the belt system for more abstract concepts as “hype” or “prestige”.


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