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DP and damage

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more mass on the setup = less piercing damage which really hurts the razor, and more mass boosts concussion when falling from gravity (as tested here:

i suspect razors are still the most damaging with 3 razors or a lighter hammer arm. they also  retract the fastest, which tbh might still make them the best choice for most hammers

oh and the axe head setup can't retract after firing

man if you thought 2.2 was on the juice, whooh boy

fun fact: normals are messed up on almost everything in IF due to the fact that they all have normal = true and not false. almost every weapon can deal damage in every direction, aside from the sides/y axis

if you don't know how normals work, false tells the game to only deal damage in one direction, setting it to true causes it to deal damage in the opposite direction as well. for example, something like a dual sided icepick should be set to true, but a single sided pick should be set to false as it's only supposed to deal damage in one direction

looking at it, i guess it really doesn't make too much of an issue if everything is messed up, although it does take away some of the advantages that non normal weapons have, and single point weapons aren't getting any benefits from this either, so maybe not

drop test to see how the angle at which a weapon strikes changes the damage dealt

panel weighs 30kgs, has 5 concussion, and no normals

tldr it's always better to hit with a sharp point, then a narrow flat edge, and finally a wide and flat surface.


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