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Simulation Geometry for gmfs


nobody really wrote this down in an easy to find place, and the wiki has incorrect information (like always)

*SIMULATION_GEOMETRY   2 = Objects with no concavities and no separate collision mesh
*SIMULATION_GEOMETRY   3 = Objects with no concavities, but with a separate collision mesh
If you're using one of these two options, any concavities in your mesh will be automatically filled in with an invisible collision mesh (it doesn't show up with f12)

Obviously, this probably isn't what you want, so:
*SIMULATION_GEOMETRY   5 = Objects with concavities and no separate collision mesh
*SIMULATION_GEOMETRY   6 = Objects with concavities and a separate collision mesh
Concavities will not be filled in with if you're using these two simgeo settings

here's an example object with very noticeable concavities

left is with simgeo 2, right is with simgeo 5. notice how on the incorrect simulation geometry the inside part of the mesh is filled in, even though the mesh itself still fits with the visible U shape.

These settings apply to both components and arenas

do note that overly complicated collision meshes are still going be an issue regardless of simgeo used


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