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Kupas IRL Panel Skinning Templates


I made these for my personal use to help when skinning panels as I found the template from Bildschirms amazing skinning tutorial (found here) to be a little confusing and it doesn't really scale well to the power of 2 sizes that RA2 accepts. Also, it didn't have all the sizes or guides for the triangle pieces so I thought I should fill those gaps too.

Panels start from the bottom left corner. The first measurement is the Y axis and then the second is the X.
For example a 40x60 panel would go up to the 40 green line and across to where the 60 red line intersects. The outer edges of the lines represent the outer edge of the panel.
One major thing to note is that 120 panels are a little strange and reuse the texture starting from the left hand side and out to approximately half of the *x40 green line. Personally I avoid using 120 panels if I want to skin them but you're free to give it a go.

A little more complex this time around as the triangles aren't aligned to the bottom left corner as I expected them to be.
For the right angled triangles (40x40, 60x60 etc) follow the 100 black line upwards until you get to where the size you're looking to make intersects.
40x60 and 60x100 (strangely labelled as 60x120 in game) are also included and just require the usage of their green/red outlines respectively.
Again, outer edges of the lines represent the outer edges of the panel, and 120 sized triangles are even more confusing so just don't use them.
Hopefully these are clear and simple enough to use for all your panel skinning goodness and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Bro, you are a saint.  I've always been curious on the rest of the panels, and I am so glad you provided a more detailed guide.

This is very very VERY helpful, thank you!


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