Author Topic: World War RA2: Left 4 Dead - Signups  (Read 229 times)

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World War RA2: Left 4 Dead - Signups
« on: October 12, 2021, 02:59:56 PM »


Yes, ladies and gents, it's time for RA2's finest soldiers to enter the battlefield once again!

DSL 2.5
HW (600.1 - 800.0 weight limit)
Robogames Arena, and OOTA means OOTA
4 teams of 9 participants
Each team member gets to pick one bot type, no two members can have the same bot type
Types: Vertical Spinner, Horizontal Spinner, Axe/Hammer, Overhead Saw, Clamp, Rear and Front Hinged Flipper, Drum Spinners, and 4-Bar Flippers.
NEW FOR THIS SEASON: Teams are instead randomly drawn against another team (ie. Red v. Blue, Green v. Yellow). Each team must chose one bot to send out into battle. The battles occur, and the winners are safe and eligible to be used in future rounds. The losers, however, must fight each other, with the winner staying, and the loser being eliminated from the competition entirely. This continues until only one team is left standing.
Bots cannot fight more than once in a row.

Building Rules

Signups are open now, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND ANY BOTS YET!!! Having a Discord account is highly recommended, you can add me at NotSoCringey#1010. However, if you can't do Discord, we'll figure something out.
1. MrMatthews
2. SamFM52
3. TheRoboteer
4. KidDelta
5. Botbuster
6. Lilleh
7. Skewed
8. Silverfish
9. WonderfulProgress
10. Nabi
11. NickyDustyOwl
12. SwindobotsJP
13. Smallsmallrose
14. IdiotBrickDoctor
15. F1Krazy
16. ThatDiscordGuy
17. BSRabe
18. Draker585
19. Superbomb122
20. Geese
21. Autobot Jazz
22. Dr Baconburger
23. Hobo_Drew
24. Zorua the Dark Floof
25. Norimium
26. Kelimpel
27. NeonCalypso
28. KJ
29. Motmotthebot
30. ForceOfWill
31. Moziet
32. Sickle
33. Sevalent
34. Sagaris
35. Bildschirm
36. Jerrie11
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