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Robot Colisuim the team coliseum (Signups Closed)
« on: August 15, 2021, 01:10:39 PM »
Robot Coliseum Team Coliseum
Format: 16 way bracket 2 bots in a team
Bot cap: 32
Building rules
weight limit is 500 kgs to 800 kgs
Obj and Bfe is allowed
Multi Bots are banned since this is a tag team tourney
All cheatbot2 parts except for overkill motors are not allowed
 Weapon component limits: you are limited to 2 big teeth and 4 small teeth. 4 big beaters, 6 medium beater teeth , 8 small beater teeth, the weapon  must not exceed 80 kg.  No clipping components that can't be welded or have a slot cut in them in real life. . and the flippers can only go up to 90 degrees.
 Stacking is not allowed if a robot is found stacking your robot will be disqualified.
Spinners need to have supports no matter the type
No replicas unless you actually own the bot it needs to be your own bot.
Minion disks are allowed
No nsfw skins or names keep it appropriate
If you use a servo motor try to Ai it to make things progress faster.
Only 1 beta motor is allowed
Only 2 burst motors are allow
Only mags are allowed for top hinged lifters.
Burst Arc of 90 degrees.

Also you can make the line with your submission so i can easily pop it in when you're accepted.

Maximum entries is 2 and all of your entries must be a different type of bot example. If you have a vertical spinner you can't make another vert.
 Deadline is when i get enough and  then a week later and the cap of bots  is 23 this is not first come first serve i will pick the bots selection committee style also robot coliseum bots that was  in the main contest can be entered
The bot has to be able to be categorize in these categories
Also the teams will be randomized so if you don't get the partner you want don't complain

Vertical Spinners and Wedged Drums (IRL EXAMPLES: Bite Force, Witch Doctor, Black Drago,Magnetar)
Horizontal Spinners (IRL EXAMPLES: Tombstone, SOW, Ice Wave)
Axes/Hammers (IRL EXAMPLES: Beta, Thor,Dead blow)
Wedgeless Drums (IRL EXAMPLES: Minotaur, Axe Backwards)
Overheads (IRL EXAMPLES: Sawblaze, Skorpios)
Flippers, (IRL EXAMPLES: P1, Apollo, Bronco)
Rammers/Wedges/static plows) (IRL EXAMPLES: Original Sin, KilloAMP)
Clampers/Crushers (IRL EXAMPLES: Kraken, Razer, Quantum, Complete control)
Thwackbots (IRL EXAMPLES: Overkill, Spaz)
Pokers: (IRL EXAMPLES: Spawn of Scutter, Rammstein)
Drills: (IRL EXAMPLES: Rusty)

 Judging has 3 categories Damage,Aggression,Control

Damage: 3 pts
-How much damage did your weapon make to the other bot
-Do you look like you took less damage than your opponent
-How many hits/flips/grabs/shots, did you score with your weapon

Control: 3 pts
-Push opponent around
-Prevent your opponent from using their weapon
-keep your opponent from having control over itself

Aggression: 3 pts
-Constant use of weapon
-Head towards the other bots in attacks
-Avoid Running Away

If the fight goes the 3 mins their will be judging and and points will be distributed to the team  and whoever has the most points wins
Example: Damage    Control   Aggression  total
 Team A             2            2                 1             5
Team  B              1            1                 2            4

Count Outs are gonna be displayed on screen, they will start if:

A Bot is Immobile from being knocked out or stuck, this will be a 10 second count out

A Bot fails to show proper movement (crab walking in a perpetual circle isn't controlled movement), this will be a 15 second count out which will be restarted every time its opponent hits it, by the 3rd time that its bumped by the opposing bot the count will not be restarted

A bot fails to gain control over itself or fails to self right, this will be a 15 second cont out which will be restarted every time the opponent hits it, by the 3rd time that its bumped by the opposing bot the count will not be restarted

If two bots are immobilized at the same time there will be a double knock out and we will have a judge decision

Pittings are gonna be treated as the following when both bots fall into the pit:

If a bot fell into the pit first by a clear distance (bar any scenario in the rules) Then it counts as “pitted”

If one bot cearly performed an action that would have undoubtedly pushed the other bot into the pit, the bot victim of the action will be counted as “pitted”

If one bot pushes the other bot into the pit and both machines fall into the pit, the one pushing will win

For a bot to be considered “pitted” it has to stay in the pit, if a bot enters the pit but bounces out and shows controlled movement it isn't pitted, if a bot bounces out and then falls back again without showing movement between its first fall and its 2nd then it counts as a pitting the first time it fell in.

If all  bots fall in the pit almost the same time the first one that touches the pit floor is the looser.

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Re: Robot Colisuim the team coliseum (Signups Open)
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2021, 01:11:40 PM »
we have 20/32 entries