Author Topic: Replica Mayhem II (In Discussion)  (Read 140 times)

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Replica Mayhem II (In Discussion)
« on: November 13, 2020, 01:51:06 AM »

Yes! Its here!

General Information:
Stock 1.4
Heavyweight (399.1 - 800.0)
Replicas Only (duh)
6 (!!!) replicas per person. Whatever I get within two weeks is what we'll work with

Building Rules:
Heavyweight (399.1 - 800.0)
Now, some people decided to enter SHW's as HW's last time. Now I dont want to enforce this but please try not to enter bots that were SHW as HW's into this. The only reason im not enforcing this is because one of the seeded bots (Dead Metal) would fall into that.
Last time I also I had a rule on stacking and all. This time around, I will allow stacking EXCEPT FOR STACKING WEAPONS. Everything else can go through sh** and all
Due to a certain OP robot (Heart of Gold), please try to minimize spamming weapons like that. I know itll be harder to make some replicas but im sure you'll be able to find a way :)
I will be putting a slight effort barrier, nothing too big. If I feel like your replica can be better I will ask you to adjust some stuff.
Clusters are up for discussion.
Now for something im going to experiment for this tournament. Im going to try to give every robot a AI line that will prevent matches from just being pushing ramming fights. Ill ask YOU however on what you want. Ill have some sort of form so you can fill it out so I dont do something you dont like

Tournament Format:
Single Elimination Bracket
3 Minute Battles
Robogames Arena unless you guys have a better arena
Major havoks will result in a restart
Judging will be based on Damage, Control & Aggression. Each judge will be given 5 points to split between both robots. 45 points in total to split between both robots.

Seeded robots:

#1: Supernova by Sickle/SolaR
#2: Last Rites by KidDelta
#3: Heart of Gold by Hard Bot
#4: Uppercut by Cringey
#5: Hypershock by Autobot Jazz
#6: Dead Metal by 8Bean
#7: Mr Bonestripper by ThatDiscordGuy
#8: Bender by ThatDiscordGuy

Sign Ups open December 1st and will end December 14th
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Re: Replica Mayhem II (In Discussion)
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2020, 05:36:30 AM »
If i make GAZ-2330 Tigr does that count as replica?
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