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Metallic Action 18(Signups Closed!)
« on: May 08, 2022, 09:07:56 AM »

DSL 2.6 IRL CW(400-600)

Spinner Weapon Limits:
Teeth limits:
- 2 Large Teeth (25kg, 600DP)
- 4 Small Teeth (10Kg, 480dp)

Beater limits:
    - 6 Large beaters (extended variants count as their respective length)
- 8 Med beaters (extended variants count as their respective length):
- 9 Small (extended variants count as their respective length)
- Max of 80gs of damaging weapons
- Max total DP of 2000
- No more than 4 saws per robot
- Use some level of common sense if you're going to mix and match parts

- Max of 1 Hammer weapons (Judge gavels, Beta Hammer, Battleaxe, Frenzy hammer, Gothic Axe)
- Basic common sense if using other weapons
- Front/Rear hinges are allowed up to 1 Beta Burst/Motor or 2 VDMA R/P Bursts/VDMA Front Hinged/Storm Burst/Mag Snappers
- Top Hinges are allowed 2 Mag Snappers or BSG's maximum. Pneumatics are banned
- ALL flipper types must have a flipping arc of 90 degrees _| <- like that.

- Overkill motors are the ONLY CB2 part allowed

- Dual motors verts are banned, "true" wedgeless drums can still have two motors
- Spikes are the only damaging weapons allowed on the front of rammers, wammers are banned
- Meltybrain is banned
- Neptuniasys is banned
- Bots using servos or non-burst hammers/swinging weapons MUST BE SENT WITH AI OR WILL BE REJECTED.
- All DSL 2.6 (7/2) armors allowed
- Skirts only allowed on dustpans with proper support
- Configbots are banned
- Clusterbots are banned
- Max of 1 flamethrower per robot (eternalflame banned)
- Thwackbots are banned
2 entry per person
32 entrants
3 minute fights
Robot Wars 2016 Arena(Hazards Disabled)
Double Elimintation

2)Light Tao
3)Belle Delflipper 2
5)Schweinehund 2
7)Apogee 3
8)Grey Box testing

3)Pusher 9-8(motmotthebot)
4)Crazy Daisey(motmotthebot)
5)Shin Tsuihou Shinka(BSRaven)
6)Mean Green(Pocket Jake)
7)Punished Cowbot(botbuster)
10)Gustavo The Grumpy(TommyProductions)
11)Mega Mettalicus 1.6(TommyProductions)
12)Double Cream(KJ)
13)It Just Hits Different(SamFM52)
14)Chophouse Chef(smallsmallrose)
15)Cloud Splitter(Captain Mantine)
16)PolyGon Overloaded(Norimium)
17)Forbidden Door(NeonCalypso)
18)Shattered Dreams(NeonCalypso)
19)The Unexpected Grappler(Kelimpel)
21)Yoshi 2(botbuster)
23)Ace Ventura(Dr_Baconburger)
24)Lil Lizard(Smallsmallrose)
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